The application of a hard metals system to a building envelope is a highly specialised service and one that has traditionally been left in the hands of companies purely specialising in this field.

At Prater however, we have brought this skill in-house, enabling us to retain complete control of the process to ensure maximum quality and minimal procurement lead times.

The benefits of applying zinc, copper or stainless steel to a building envelope include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Broad range of design possibilities
  • Exceptional aesthetical appeal
  • Impressive durability (50 years or more)
  • Zero maintenance
  • 100% recyclable

Time-served Tinsmiths

Our in-house tinsmiths have served the necessary five year apprenticeship and have completed all the relevant material specifier and manufacturers’ courses to attain master craftsmen certification.

Taking delivery of the metal in raw coil or sheet form, tinsmiths manufacture each component part using specialist hand and power tools to achieve the specified fit and finish. This responsibility for converting a raw material into an end product then installing it on-site is unique to the tinsmith trade. 

Featured Projects:

Bracknell Town Centre

Bracknell Regeneration Partnership 2017

London Stansted Airport

BAA 2015

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge 2016