In defining our ‘core values’, we aim to align the ethics and aspirations of all the people who make up our company, from our directors to our latest recruit. Why? Because the way in which we interact and communicate with our clients, suppliers and each other directly affects the future success of our company.

Our core values make our company strong. They keep us driving forward today and in the future. 

Uncompromising safety

A safe working environment is at the heart of everything we do. Our uncompromising approach to the safety of every employee, client and supplier is a key cornerstone of the Prater belief system.

Meticulous efficiency

The meticulous approach our employees take to working efficiently within the business maintains both the value for our clients and the profitability of our company. Through our employee’s resourceful and reliable nature, Prater is able to deliver on innovation, speed and quality time and time again.

Dependable teamwork

Prater teams work together to create an environment where dependability, safety and success are expected. We are supportive and respect each other’s roles and responsibilities. Our employee and client relationships are built on a philosophy of total dedication and collaboration.

Focused leadership

Prater is a visionary company. Strong, focused leadership is fundamental. To maintain the current and future successes of the company we must be clear of our goals and focus. Clarity provides security for the company and its employees. Our market leading company grows on the strength of character from within the leaders throughout the company. It is that passion that fuels our success.

Featured Projects:

Bracknell Town Centre

Bracknell Regeneration Partnership 2017

First Street, Manchester

Ask / Manchester City Council 2014

Birmingham Library

Birmingham City Council 2013

Walsall Manor Hospital

Walsall Manor Hospital 2009