Innovative Mobile Roll Former Machine Used Onsite At Manchester Airport

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About Prater Posted by Prater on February 5th 2019

Prater was appointed to design and install the complete envelope package for Pier One and the Link Bridge at Manchester Airport. To assist with the construction of the 15,000 square metres of roofing areas, Prater worked alongside BEMO, its trusted supply chain partner, who supplied one of its mobile roll former machines for the project.

The roll former can process over 3,000 square metres of stainless steel, zinc, copper or aluminium per day, making it one of the fastest machines of its kind in the industry. As it can hold up to two coils of metal, weighing 1.5 tonnes each, at a time, there are fewer change overs required - this saves time on site and improves production efficiency. 

Once the material is loaded into the roll former, it is elevated to roof level before the material is passed through the machine – and because it produces one continuous length, there are no joins, making for improved efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

The roll former spent a total of 14 days on site at Manchester Airport across five separate visits, assisting with the creation of the roofing areas. This video explains more about how BEMO’s site roller has been used on this project.