Our role is about taking the architect’s vision and making it a working reality. Digital engineering and BIM both have the capacity to make a significant and positive contribution to this process. 

However, the full benefit of integrating digital engineering and BIM will only be realised through a truly collaborative working ethos from tender stage, through design and construction.

In recent years, BIM has been a major talking point in terms of both its potential and the challenges of integrating it into the design and build process. For companies involved in the construction of publicly funded work, the next phase of this is the need to be digitally compliant. 

We are proud to be among the pioneers when it comes to integrating digital engineering and BIM, and the benefits are already clear:

  • Improved building design accuracy
  • Early identification of potential issues, giving our supply chain time to address them
  • Clear view of delivery requirements for more accurate planning and improved on-site safety
  • Easier risk assessment and identification of associated costs

There is still work to do to ensure that our entire supply chain is BIM competent and able to support us in our contractual obligations. Design processes and controls need to change, software workflows need to be created and design programmes adjusted to reflect BIM project implementation plans.

The next step is to ensure that all parties – architects, manufacturers and contractors – can electronically share common project data across software packages in an accurate and timely manner. This is something we are already asking of our own partners.

However we are leading the way and are fully BIM Level 2 certified, having embedded BIM processes and procedures aligned to BS1192:2007 and PAS1192-2:2013.  We benefit from a Digital Engineering and Design department of 3D and 4D modellers, a BIM co-ordinator as well as a specialist BIM Task team. As such, we can offer clients: 

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