Green roof systems are popular choice for specifiers as they look to reduce the environmental impact of buildings as well as creating additional green spaces, particularly within urban areas.

Our design team has worked on a wide range of green roof projects and has the technical expertise to deliver a system that is fit for purpose and provides effective and trouble-free performance for the lifetime of the building. There are two main green roof options to select from:

Extensive Green Roof Systems

This is the most convenient and involves a roof covering with a thin layer of growing medium and vegetation requiring minimal care and maintenance.

Intensive Green Roof Systems

These systems will include large plants and trees and therefore require a significant depth of soil. These systems need high levels of maintenance.

A variety of installation methods are available including hydro-seeding, plug planting or sedum mats. In addition, green and brown roof finishes complement structural waterproofing solutions installed in cold roof construction.

Whichever system and installation method is selected, we will deliver the best possible solution, focusing on the key issues of durability and reliability from the outset to ensure its success.

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