We can offer a choice of structural waterproofing systems to suit the specific needs of any project and can ensure the delivery of the highest quality solutions, on time and to budget. 

Bituminous Systems

Reinforced, rubberised bitumen systems are ideal for applications including inverted roofs, car parks, foundations, plaza decks and other ‘below ground’ requirements. 

  • Multi-layer, full bonded systems
  • Eliminates possibility of water tracking under the membrane
  • Self-healing under load
  • Can be laid with zero falls

Cold Applied Solutions

These systems are primarily used for inverted roofs and can be applied onto a flat concrete slab without falls, remaining intact for the lifetime of the structure to which it is bonded.

  • Applied in two coats with a reinforcing layer
  • Also suitable for warm roof construction
  • Same performance levels as hot applied systems

Featured Projects:

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