Façade Designer, Manchester

Job Type
Permanent and Full Time
Date Posted
14th January 2019
Closing Date
30th April 2019

Job Description Expand

  • Leading the design resource allocated to a Project both within the Department and by the use of Design Sub-Contractors to meet the requirements of the Companies Contracts.
  • Personal contribution to the Companies Design output, as may be necessary to meet a specific requirement.
  • Monitoring all Design output against project requirements. Taking such actions as may be necessary to ensure timely delivery of the Design output with the agreement of the Design Manager.
  • Providing a report for allocated contracts to the Design Manager for presentation at the Companies monthly CVR meetings and attendance at that meeting if required.
  • Ensuring the Companies position is protected, in the event that Design input from Customers is late or inadequate, by correspondence with the Customer in consultation with the Design Manager, relevant Project Manager and Commercial Manager.
  • Leading of meetings held between individual Designers, Project Managers and Commercial Managers.
  • Arranging the attendance of individual Designers at Design progress meetings with the Customer or his representative to ensure that Design output is reviewed and is meeting the customers’ requirements and expectations.
  • Ensuring that the design teams output complies with the Companies Documented Quality Management System to ISO 9001.
  • Ensuring that, where the Company has a ‘Designer’ status under CDM Regulations, that the Companies Statutory obligations are discharged by the adequate production of Design Risk Assessment as may be required for an individual Contract.

Personal Description Expand

The successful individual will possess the ability to work co-operatively, flexibly and as a member of the team whilst being able to observe and absorb new information quickly.


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