Project Planner - Salfords, Surrey

Job Type
Salfords, Surrey
Date Posted
14th January 2019
Closing Date
30th April 2019

Job Description Expand

  • Attend project launch meeting to gain a solid understanding of the project and programme strategy;
  • Develop and maintain programmes that support and align with the requirements of the Company, Contract and the Project – liaising with the Project Team to integrate scope, time and cost objectives;
  • Effectively and efficiently maintain the programmes;
  • Collate progress data and communicate programme performance to the Project Team and Key Stakeholders;
  • Evaluate progress to determine problem areas, alternative actions and / or mitigation plans for programme recovery;
  • Assist the Project Team in developing progress reports to keep the Key Stakeholders informed on project / programme performance;
  • Assess the cause and effect of any programme changes, advising the Project Team on programme impacts, delays and / or any entitlement to extensions of time on the project;
  • Manage and control programme information;
  • Identify and allocate resources, and produce resource histograms;
  • Implement and promote strong programme governance throughout delivery of the Project;
  • Assist in maintaining planning standards across the project, and the Company.

Personal Description Expand

The successful individual will possess the ability to work cooperatively, flexibly and as a member of the team whilst being able to observe and absorb new information quickly.


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