Quantity Surveyor, Chepstow

Job Type
Full-Time and Permanent
Date Posted
14th January 2019
Closing Date
30th April 2019

Job Description Expand

  • The control and use of the contract documents including the application and/or notification of Early Warning Notices, Variations, EOTs , loss and expense, delay and disruption.
  • The project requirements, reflecting the Company’s accepted tender and financial position to meet budget and profit.
  • Maintenance of a valuation file for each project containing written records of any correspondence that has affected the costs vis-à-vis scope and monthly applications
  • To provide an accurate monthly variation summary to the main contractor as required.
  • To review accurately the monthly costs as required.
  • To complete and submit in a timely manner the final account with all supporting documentation as necessary.
  • To complete as a monthly exercise the CVR (cost value reconciliation) in accordance with the Company’s requirements.
  • The compiling of the project cost to complete monthly.
  • Reflect the individual project cash recovery & expenditure accurately and timely.
  • Any other items recognised within the industry associated with the role.
  • Work with the Company’s Commercial Manager (where applicable)/Operations Manager/Project Managers/ Designers/Buying staff to ensure commercial input is provided to meet the contract requirements.
  • Compilation and completion of monthly valuations on time, with the suitable level of detail required to secure the appropriate level of remuneration for work carried out.  
  • Keep and maintain a valuation file for each project containing written records of any correspondence that has affected the costs vis-à-vis scope, changes, variations etc.
  • Maintenance of a list of variations from tender stage to contract close out, coupled with the appropriate level of detail as required by the client’s project team.
  • Attempt to get the project cash positive as soon as is practicable.
  • Apply and secure as appropriate from the client’s team, the appropriate extensions of time in line with our contract programme and mitigate any exposure to time overruns, delays and charges in connection with same.
  • Secure in connection with any delays, the costs of any extensions of time, disruption costs, acceleration costs etc, as appropriate.
  • Prepare on a monthly basis CVR reports that are accurate and transparent to include all potential risks and gains.
  • Ensure the company cash flow forecast is updated and communicated regularly.
  • Compliance with the Company’s documented Business Management System to ISO 9001:2000 in the control of documents forming commercial input.
  • Liaison with the various manufacturers of products the Company installs to ensure commercial viability of the project.
  • Liaison with and assisting with the Buyers in the purchasing of complex manufactured items.
  • Agreeing and signing off of accounts where complex manufactured items have been made for the project Liaison with the various installers of products the Company utilises to ensure commercial viability of the project.
  • From time to time carry out related functions as may be required by any of the Company’s directors.
  • Agreement with the Client or his representative that the commercial output generated by the Company is acceptable, vis-à-vis monthly valuations, variations, notifications and the like ensuring these at all times meet the requirements of the contract.
  • The taking of the commercial accounts to the final account stage (but not the settlement of same without prior authorisation from the appropriate Line Manager.)
  • The application of extensions of time, delay and disruption claims (but not the settlement of same without prior authorisation from the appropriate Line Manager.)
  • Commercial managers may not threaten to commence, or commence in any shape or form dispute resolution, (adjudication, arbitration, mediation or litigation) without prior agreement by the Prater Directors, and then only with an agreed plan in place.
  • Commercial managers may not engage any consultants, sub-contractors, etc without the full approval in accordance with the BMS system.
  • Commercial managers are expected to carry out their duties in an ethical and principled way and should strive for the highest moral standards in all their commercial dealings.   Should they have any doubt whatsoever about the integrity of what they may be about to do, they should seek guidance from a Director of the company at the earliest opportunity.
  • Not allow any subcontractor to commence or proceed with any work without an appropriate contract or order being in place.

Personal Description Expand

The successful individual will possess the ability to work co-operatively, flexibly and as a member of the team whilst being able to observe and absorb new information quickly.


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